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There are hundreds of web designers to choose from out there. So, why us? Well, here’s a little bit about the way we work that will, hopefully, help persuade you.

Screenshot from the Native Trees from Seed website
Screenshot from the Pine Marten portal website for Vincent Wildlife Trust

Our aims

We’ve worked hard and proven our ability since 2010, and managed dozens of clients and hundreds of projects across Ireland and the UK.

We put your customers first

Each of our client’s needs is different. We build a deep understanding of you, your customer and your business. This helps you compete more effectively in your market.

Our plan is to help you get ahead and to stay there, providing quality and value. Your success helps us build long-term relationships with our clients.

Who we are

Made in Trenbania Limited was founded in October 2018 by me, Andy Smith, and my wife, Sinéad Smyth (yes, we spell our surnames differently)! The company grew out of my freelance web design business.

I started work on my first website for the conservation charity I worked for in 2001. My boss liked it, which was a good start! But I also liked it, and enjoyed the creative process that resulted in a website that could be seen around the world. In early 2010, I decided to set up my own business – and Made in Trenbania was born.

Sinéad is an artist and has been organising, enabling and facilitating arts-related projects for over 20 years. She  has worked on several collaborative arts projects on both sides of the Irish border, including the Turner Prize and City of Culture/Thames Festival ‘Rivers of the World’ project. She has exhibited in Ireland, Northern Ireland and further afield in Europe

Sinéad brings her artistic talents and creative mind to Made in Trenbania and helps bolster my website and marketing expertise.

Sinéad Smyth
Sinéad Smyth
Andy Smith
Andy Smith
A view of the sea near Made in Trenbania
A quick hop up the road from us!


You'll get great value for your investment with us.

Here's an indication of what we ask you to invest in your projects. We like you to see the money you spend as exactly that - an investment into your business or charity that will repay itself many time over.

  • Web design 

    This is the minimum investment for one of our web design projects and depends on exactly what you need. You'll find cheaper out there, but you really do get what you pay for.

    €2,500plus VAT
  • Digital marketing

    We can help promote your website to new customers using a variety of proven tactics.

    €99plus VAT per month
  • Ongoing website management

    We look after the day-to-day care of your website. We keep it secure, fast and able to deliver what you need it to do for your business or charity, allowing you to focus on the less mundane.

    from €49plus VAT per month


Lots of people are really happy with our work. Here are a few.

Why trust Made in Trenbania to create your website?

We've worked with hundreds of happy clients across the UK and Ireland.