Digital Marketing

Marketing plans to get your website in front of your customers to help your business or charity grow.

Screenshot of a Donegal self-catering cottage website
Screenshot of the Ulster Beekeepers' Association website

Having a website that looks great is the first step. Getting people to visit your website and take action is the next!

Your product or service is the best. Now you need to tell your potential customers.

Search engine optimization

Actions on your website that help it appear higher up in search results

Keyword research

We can identify the keywords (the words and phrases your customers use when searching online). We can monitor performance and re-prioritise and re-target over time.

Content SEO

Your content is what people are looking for. Great content can rank really high in search results and that's where your 'organic' traffic will come from. We can help you write your content or do it for you.

Behind-the-scenes SEO

There's a lot of technical code that we add to all our websites that will really help your website rank. We follow only best practice to get this right for you.


It's always good to work out an overall strategy to your SEO so that you, your team and anybody else that helps you, are all working in the same direction. We can help you with your SEO strategy.

Screenshot from some SEO keyword analysis
Screenshot from a website SEO analysis

Off-site advertising

Advertising on search engines or social media can find you new audiences

Ad creation and targeting

We can create compelling ads that send the right people to the right place on your website. These are people who may be ready to buy now.

Budget management and performance analysis

Carefully strategies can generate the highest possible return on investment. We can help manage your budget and see which ads are performing best.

Landing pages and funnels

Your ads should be sending visitors to specific pages on your website - pages that are designed to focus their minds on your offer. We can design your offer and landing pages to achieve your goals.


Working out your strategy is an essential step to maximise the benefit to you and your potential customers.

Screenshot from Google Search Console
Screenshot from Google Ads results


Collecting data and understanding it can be the difference between success and failure.

Google Analytics 4

We set up Google Analytics 4 on every website we build. All tracking we implement is compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations, but provides high-level data that you can use to make decisions.

Advanced data

We can configure Google Analytics 4 to collect and report on deeper and more comprehensive data. This means you can analyze and improve your website's online performance to the nth degree.


We can set up technology that looks at exactly where people move their cursor or touch their screen when on your website. This can really open your eyes to where visitors reach a blockage on their path to conversion.

Screenshot from heat map software for SEO
Screenshot from Google Analytics 4

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