CRM Systems

A CRM system helps you manage your customer data. We create easy-to-manage, fully customizable and expandable CRM systems where you own your data. Perfect for charities, non-profits and organizations.

Screenshot of a contact in a CRM system
Screenshot from a CRM system

An intuitive, modern CRM, with enterprise-level features, built to serve the needs of growing charities and nonprofits.

A comprehensive, managed system that allows you to simplify all your processes

The smart CRM for your charity or non-profit

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All your membership, donor, event and email marketing management needs, built for you to make your life easier and your organization more effective.

We give you a really comprehensive CRM system that allows you to simplify all your contact-related processes. Gone are the days of multiple spreadsheets and different software for different things!

Our CRMs are easy to use and allow two-way data entry (by you or by your customers). This would be an investment to give you the right tools to manage and increase your membership base and donations.

And we support you every step of the way to ensure smooth migration from your existing systems.

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