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Web hosting is needed by every website. It's the place to store all the bits and pieces that make up a website. The files full of code, images, a database to store all the data and so on.

All this needs to be accessible to the public. Web hosting simply delivers your web pages to your customers when requested.

You'll also need a domain name. That's what's used as the 'address' of your website. The domain name of this website is madeintrenbania.com. The web address is https://madeintrenbania.com. Nobody else can use this address as we own the domain name.

How it works

Web hosting can get quite complicated and isn't everyone's favourite topic of conversation!

That's what we're here for - to make your web hosting experience simple. We manage our own servers, which means we control exactly how they work. This ensures that your website is secure, reliable and very fast.

To help your website appear in search results your web hosting should be fast and secure. Those are two factors that Google uses when deciding how to place websites in search results.


Your website should be fast. This keeps Google happy but, more importantly, it keeps your customer happy.

People don't like waiting more than a few seconds for a page to load - we're becoming more impatient!

Not only is our web hosting fast, we use other technologies to 'cache' or store pages so they are delivered even quicker. We also reduce the size of images automatically so they load fast, but look just as good.


There are also a lot of people out there that would love to hack your website.

We take a lot of proactive care to minimise the risk of this.

We also make a daily copy, or backup, of your site that is sent to a safe place away from your hosting. That means, in the unlikely event that something happens to your site, we have a simple way of fixing things.

We use a lot of technology on the server and on your website that actively blocks attempts to hack your site.

A fast website helps you appear in search results. A secure website does the same. It also creates trust and reassures your visitor that a journey through your website is a safe journey.

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