Ongoing web and marketing support plans

We take care of your website and your marketing with our range of annual plans

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To make sure your website works for you and continues to work for you, there are many things to do. We can take care of all this with one of our annual support plans.

Getting people to visit your website is the first step in them becoming new customers. Without visitors, your website will gather virtual dust!

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You need a marketing plan

Your website is online. For it to work for you, you need people to find it. That's where a marketing plan comes in.

We can create and implement a marketing plan on your behalf to bring visitors to your website. We can also make it easier for those visitors to become new customers.

The annual packages below are optional. Selecting one will ensure your website reaches its full potential as an ongoing business asset.

If we build and host a website for you and you do not choose one of these options, there will be an annual charge for hosting and basic housekeeping to secure, speed up and backup your website.

The care plans

When we create your marketing plan we identify different "action items" (things to do). These will improve the performance of your website and associated sales, donations and services.

We prioritize these action items and carry them out in order of greatest impact. This means you begin to see results more quickly.


€150 / month

  • We perform the top 3 most important action items* from your marketing plan


€250 / month

  • We perform the top 6 most important action items* from your marketing plan


€350 / month

  • We perform the top 9 most important action items* from your marketing plan

All the care plans above include everything in the Basic care plan below: hosting your website, making it fast and secure, backing it up daily and taking care of software updates. We can invoice you in Sterling if you prefer.

* any ad spend is additional

Don't need a marketing plan?

Without a marketing plan, your website will struggle.

However, you may have your own marketing plan in place. If we build a website for you and host it, you'll need our "Basic" care plan as a minimum. This allows us to take care of security, speed up your website and back it up in case something untoward happens**. We also update the software that runs your website. This in itself is exceptional value.

Basic (from)

€500 / year

  • We speed up your website
  • Great quality hosting
  • Daily backup
  • Extra security
  • Software updates

** we take all precautions to protect your website by implementing security features and backing it up to a safe place. However, not everything is within our control. We will always have a full copy of your website stored safe and sound to protect your business.

VAT is applicable on all rates mentioned on this page. If you are in Ireland, that's currently 23%. If you are VAT registered and in any other EU country, there'll be no VAT.

If you're in the UK (we can invoice you in Sterling), we don't need to charge you VAT.

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