Online shops

We can provide you with an effective online shop to sell your wares

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Would you like to sell something online? Whatever your requirements for 'e-commerce', we can help.

We use feature-rich software that gives you complete control over your shop. You could be selling memberships, clothing, access to online content, a ticket or even collecting a donation.

You will be able to manage all aspects of your shop, including adding new products, maintaining stock, checking order status, adding discounts and so on.

Your customers can pay you in many different ways, although most commonly using a credit card or PayPal. Payments are quick and secure and always handled by a third party (like PayPal or Stripe) to ensure you don't record any credit card information - leave that side of things to them.

Using inbuilt tools and Google Analytics, you can easily analyse your customers' behaviour and then tweak the site to achieve even better results.

We can provide you will all the tools you need to sell effectively online. From attracting potential customers, guiding them through the shopping process and following up to increase sales, donations and memberships.

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